About ScienceQuarters

How ScienceQuarters Started

Gary attends a brainstorming meeting for engaging academic postdocs. Etienne, attends too. They are strangers. No big surprise, the meeting and suggestions are boring. Gary finds some entertainment in listening to Etienne’s cool French accent and then he gets even cooler when he suggests, “Let’s get academics and industry together so they can network!” And that’s when the friendship and projects began.

The two created an organization and hosted a symposium of over 300 people from academia and industry in an effort to help establish more collaborations, more job opportunities, and other useful networking outcomes. Etienne has led the way for now three years running and oversees monthly networking events and two major annual events in Denver Colorado.

From the events the two guys realized a major need to make resources within an academic research institution transparent and accessible for both academics and businesses alike. Surprising to them, academics and industry folk find it difficult to navigate research institutions and communities. So, they decide on some concepts about what problems/needs a website might solve and then get Scott engaged.

It becomes official! Gary and Etienne decide between LLC and C Corp (what a learning process) with the help of Rubicon Law (highly recommend if starting in CO) and some calls with accountants. About three thousand emails later and the three guys are settled on the name ScienceQuarters, or so they think. Company and a name was the first victory. The first step was taken.

There were a few months spent on brainstorming, discussions, and trying to develop an MVP, but it was impossible to put a definition to what the product was. There’s real importance in having a focus and starting small. After a two month break the team came back with a much more focused and manageable product that could scale while also providing value (and revenue – important when bootstrappin’ it) at the onset.

A few features have been developed that were not necessarily a priority at the onset but turned out to be the ones with the greatest potential to deliver value to the target market, achievable, low labor-to-profit ratio, and be able to hook the other audiences.

Anyways, the story is still being written and we hope you can help write it. You can help by sending us feedback to ScienceQuartersInfo@gmail.com, sharing our site with your colleagues, and of course using the site!


What ScienceQuarters is all about

Our vision and mission are big. But if they aren’t big, it’s not worth the effort in our book. We got one shot at this life. We’re going to win or go down trying.


Guiding Principles

Some things you can expect from us: honesty, respect, sincerity, and commitment to helping you achieve your research related goals.



Exponentially create greater breakthroughs in business, technology, research, and medicine.



Create an online platform of local research communities found across the globe that can optimize allocation of research-related resources to fulfill the needs and opportunities from its members.


Gary Mouradian, Jr., PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Gary Mouradian is a co-founder, the CEO, and a PhD in Physiology. He’s published his scientific research in multiple peer reviewed and reputable journals, given presentations at national conferences, and has consulted for startups. Ever since joining academic research eight years ago he’s been astounded at the potential resources available in academic institutions that are underutilized. Six years later he decided that he’d try to do something about that.

He’s a fan of Magic the Gathering and Scrabble, running and soccer, reading, and traveling with his wife, Shannon and their dog, Aspen.


Etienne Danis, PhD
Chief Strategy Officer

Etienne Danis is a co-founder, the CSO, and a PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry. He is passionate about finding the best ways possible to prevent and cure cancers. He believes that better connections among academic labs and better connections between academic labs and the industry will accelerate research and drug development. With his interests in bridging academia and industry, he has spearheaded the organization of the Academia Industry Alliance in Denver, Colorado through which he has established recurring events attended by both academics and industry folk for the last three years:

The Rocky Mountain BioTechnology Symposium (300-400 attendees), the Life Science Industry Showcase (300-400) and the monthly Brews & Biotech Happy Hour (70-100).

He enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, hiking in the Rockies, playing with his two dogs, and raising his baby boy with his lovely wife.


Scott Schroeder
Chief Technology Officer

Scott Schroeder is a co-founder and the CTO. He's also the Executive Director of Technivista doing consulting in new technologies for business, healthcare, education, entertainment, and government. He's directed IT projects for a wide range of organizations -- from leading Fortune 100 companies to energetic startups.

In addition to spending time with his wife, Malena, Scott enjoys hitting the links with his three incredible kids, Jay, Maggie and Ben. So he's got that going for him...which is nice. He’s a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan.


Jay Schroeder photoJay Schroeder
Mobile Technology Director

Jay Schroeder has worked the past seven years for IT and ISP companies. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a Communications degree. Jay also has a graduate certificate in Software Development with a focus on C#, Java and JQuery.

When Jay isn't coding, he relaxes with his wife, Savannah, and their two dogs. He also enjoys video gaming, all things nature, and playing baseball, softball and golf.

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